Passive Income Ideas For Getting Passive Income Online

10 Passive Income Ideas For Getting Passive Income Online

Let’s face it, we all need money for the upcoming holidays. Christmas is fast-approaching and we have to create passive income online as early as now. As we know, the special season is more enjoyable when we have cash for buying gifts and presents.  That’s why we’ve created 10 passive income ideas for getting passive income online!

Below Are 10 Passive Income Ideas For Getting Passive Income Online:

1. Product wholesaling – If you are selling goods in online marketplaces, try to offer your items in large quantities at a discounted price. This will encourage customers to place more orders in order to avail discounts.

2. Product retailing – Instead of offering packages to buyers, why not sell your products at retail. This will attract people who are shopping on a tight budget. This is actually an advantage on your part because retail items are sold quickly and easily.

3. Affiliate program – This is a free way to promote your products and services. Recruit affiliates and let them spread the word about your offerings. In return, you will have to give them a commission for each sold item.

4. Write an e-Book – Do you want to share your knowledge, experience, or expertise in a specific area? If you think speaking in public is not for you, why not share your information in the written format? Digital products like ebooks are selling like hot pancakes Clickbank. Don’t waste your talent!

“e-Books and Affiliate Programs Are My Favorite Passive Income Ideas For Getting Passive Income Online”

5. Consultancy services – If writing is not your forte, you can put up your own consulting company and share your experience one-on-one via Skype chat. This is a good online business, because most people don’t want to meet up in person and would like their identity to remain private.

6. Tutor a student – Teaching a foreign student is also a great way of having a steady passive income online. Parents from Korea, China and Japan are looking for native speakers of English to teach their kids online. The cool thing about this part-time job is that all you have to do is to talk or chat with kids for an hour or so. All they want is to enhance their conversational skills.

7. Be an online speaker – Don’t worry because you won’t have to go up stage to share your expertise. You can simply create an informational video of you explaining or discussing things that would be useful to your viewers. You can sell these videos in online marketplaces.

8. Subscription fees -This is in line with number 8. Once you have a lot of videos to share and people want to know more of your knowledge, start a blog and charge a couple of dollars for getting access to your site.

9. Become an affiliate – Affiliate programs are one of my favorite passive income ideas.  An affiliate endorse other people’s product. You can recommend a software or plugin to your fellow bloggers and receive commission for every successful deal.

10. Advertising space – Sell ad spots in your blog’s sidebar or footer. You can also try Google Adsense and other pay-per-click programs. Ensure the ads are located in strategic places so visitors will be encouraged to click. In addition, don’t attempt to click on your ads as this is a ground to be banned from Adsense.  Related Article: The Pros and Cons of Using Adsense Themes.

Start earning as early as possible to ensure that you will have spending cash for the holidays.

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