My Link Building Strategies Using Guest Blogging

My Link Building Strategies Using Guest Blogging

I wouldn’t be afraid to say that I’m a frequent guest blogger at several blogs out there (mostly in the niches of Blogging, SEO, Making Money, CopyWriting etc). I wouldn’t say that I don’t guest blog for backlinks because that’s one of the advantages that I do get for being a guest blogger. But yet, there are many things I do which many so called guest bloggers don’t. I’m not overpraising myself, but I’ve seen many people out there whose only job is to get the ‘irrelevant’ backlinks. So here are some things I do as a part of my link building strategies, being a guest blogger.

You’re free to use them as a part of your strategies too – no worries!

My Link Building Strategies

Note that these tips are just meant for guest blogging, and not any other link building strategies like blog commenting, forum posting etc. So here is what I really do.

I Never Hire

My Link Building Strategies Do Not HireYes, I’ve NEVER hired someone to write articles for me to post them as guest posts on any blog. I might have hired writers for other stuff but that is not at all related to my guest blogging practice.

Reason – To be honest, there’s no specific reason for this but I believe that even though I will get the clean backlinks to my blog, it just doesn’t satisfy my writing requirements. The articles written by hired writers never have a personal touch while I love to mention parts of my stories in my guest posts (maybe that’s what the blog owners love!). And even though I add my short stories into the articles, I do write quality content.

Changing My Author Box Description

Unlike posts, author info boxes are one thing of which the text is changeable by the author (you and me). As you may know that mostly all blog owners allow DoFollow backlinks in the author boxes, and also they do allow about 3-4 links too. So if you’ve created a well-worthy page that deserves a good position on SERPs for a specific keyword phrase, you should add a link to that page from the author info box.

Advantage – The best advantage of regularly changing/adding links into the author boxes is that if you’ve posted 5 articles on a blog as guest posts, then you might not have linked that ‘great’ page of yours into any of those posts. But as the author boxes are on all your posts, you straightaway get your link with your anchored text!

Advantage Of Comment Links

You might not have researched, but many blogs allow dofollow links to ‘registered’ users in the comments. My Link Building Strategies Using Guest Blogging LinksSo when you are the guest blogger, you are of course a registered user (contributor) on that blog. Check out the image below. The links in red are nofollow links while the one in green is a dofollow link. This advantage that I got is because I was the registered guest blogger.

But remember that this facility depends on the blog you’re talking about. So some blogs might just not allow dofollow backlinks in the comments section, while some might allow for anyone – you never know!

Relevant Anchored Text

I always try to keep my links relevant by using proper anchored text. For example, I would not like to link this blog to a keyword saying “Earn Money”, but would rather do link it using my primary keyword i.e. “Make Money Blogging”. Relevancy is one thing to be given high priority in my link building strategies.

Link Building Strategies Using Guest Blogging – Conclusion

I always be myself when guest blogging because the author box introduces me – not anyone else! If you would like to follow my link building strategies, you surely can – no copyrights for this.  Read our article on How To Get Subscribers.

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