How To Promote Your Blog

How To Promote Your Blog – 3 Damn Simple Ways

3 Damn Simple Ways On How to promote your blog

How to promote your blog?  Well, new bloggers often look for ways to let others know about their blog so that they can have some support from them. The problem is that they usually end up expecting traffic from search engines which might take some good time to meet the expectations. It is not easy to promote a new blog if you don’t already have a previous blog with a good base, to which you can let know about your new blog/site. I had a similar case. I started Plugins WP (my new project) but it wouldn’t have been a great start if I didn’t have a good base which I developed using this blog as a platform.

Assuming that you have ‘some’ content on your blog, here are three simple ways on how to promote your blog from scratch.

Research The Crap Out Of The Internet

You have all the rights to visit any page, post, profile, feed etc on the internet. Hence, you need to do the following as a part of your ‘research’, and make sure you spend enough amount of time for it (probably days or weeks) –

  • Search for blogs in your niche, and bookmark them or keep a note of them somewhere.How To Promote Your Blog Research
  • Almost all blogs have a link to their Twitter Profile and Facebook page – Like and Follow those respectively.
  • Famous blogs have a ‘Subscription Form’, which often provide a freebie or promise some great tips etc – Join that. But make sure you don’t do this in all the blogs or else your inbox might just be flooded with mails.
  • Start commenting to promote a new blog (discussed further in this article).

What’s the advantage?

The advantage of keeping up with the blogs in your niche by staying updated with their content and updates on social media is that you can have a better medium to talk to them, and eventually let them know about what you are and what your blog is. Such discussions on the social media updates often lead to a more closer relationship.

For example, “XYZ” just updated on their Facebook page – “What are your plans over the weekend”. Now they are waiting for people to comment on that update, so why not join it? The conversation might just lead to a PM window, which might further lead to daily conversations! In short, you never know when you can make an online friend until you give it a shot.

Don’t Comment For Traffic, Please

I still remember that during the early days of my new blog (my first one actually which was RaajTram.Com), I hardly used to comment for the sake of traffic. During that time, I didn’t really care about the niche because, it was a personal blog and I never intended to make money from a personal blog. So all I was seeking is a good number of people who would be interested in stories that came out directly from my heart.

Here’s a simple tip on how you can build up your relationships while commenting as a way of addressing  How To Promote Your Blog Commenthow to promote your blog  –

Assume that you’re commenting on a article saying “How To Increase Your Twitter Followers”, you could comment something like “Great post “On How To Increase Your Twitter Followers”.  Have you thought about writing one for Facebook?”

This is not considered to be spam at all. In fact, it’s a sign of starting a new relationship – and you wouldn’t want to miss that opportunity for anything because relationships in blogging is a damn important thing.

Be The Ultimate Guest Blogger

You might be surprised to hear but my first guest post was written when I just operated RaajTram.Com! I never intented to post that article for getting backlinks. So when I say that you should be the ultimate guest blogger, I mean to say that you should be a guest blogger just to build relationships when you start it. It should, of course, further be done for the benefit of your blog and the blog owner’s blog as well.

Hence, aim to build relationships during the early times of your guest blogging activity. This will later help you in many ways, which you’ll discover yourself as time passes. Remember on the different ways on how to promote your blog, guest blogging is always a great platform provided that you follow all the guidelines of a ‘real guest poster’.

How To Promote Your Blog – Closing Thoughts

Those were some ways on how to promote your blog, and there are many more as you climb up the ladder of success.  Remember that when starting an online business you need to be patient, put in the time, and you will be succeed!

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