I wanted to clear up a few misunderstandings that I’ve come across recently about email marketing and the business-to-business (B2B) industry. Therefore, I decided to write a quick blurb about the 10 things one should consider when working with the aforementioned and hopefully shed some light on a few dim spots for those who are curious.  There are plenty of great retirement websites out there.  These websites have advice on early retirement and 401k information.

Email Marketing Design Tips

10) You are not a beautiful snowflake. There isn’t anyone out there, with butterflies in their tummy, glued to their PC, awaiting the arrival of your B2B email. I know that you’ve got a well devised outline, and that you’d put a lot of work into it. But, that’s beside the point. What really matters is that they’re getting it. Just focus on what you know about your audience.

9) Brief and link, brief and link. There are many marketers and home business owners in the game who have a need for collecting information. Whether it be for work related purposes or because they simply desire to. Strive to become a reliable source of info for those involved in your particular niche. Link to your affiliates and pull in those interested eyes.

8) Use Email Bulletins. News letters have proven to be an adept source for success if done correctly. Just be sure to keep an emphasis on the industry itself when considering what to include in your content and keep details about yourself down to a minimum.

7) Words are your ally. Don’t waste time getting too flashy with your emails. Sure, someone may find it aesthetically pleasing, but the legibility of your words should be your main concern instead of pictures or designs. Wouldn’t you agree that most people read letters much more than they sit around and view them? Intrigue your audience with your intelligence, humor and complete honesty.

6) PTP emails only. Consider using a personal contact address when choosing to communicate with your readers. This is especially important if you’re working with executives. It’ll just simply look better if it’s coming from a CEO or associate.

5) Don’t live under a rock. Emails that contain the same phrases and terminology can be monotonous and can tend to become nonabsorbent. News and current events about the happenings in the world may be a good thing to reference when you can. Try adding a little something about a few trends or rumors.

4) No better game than the truth. If you are the underdog to a popular category, don’t try to make ludicrous claims about how avant garde your business is among your competitors. If you’re a small company, play it up, and be honest. You’re not fooling anyone with the hype.  These email marketing design tips are great for anyone looking to get to the next level.

3) Don’t beat around the bush. Try to avoid bypassing information that you think is too conspicuous. Insert those ideas right into your subject title box and attract some awareness with content-rich White Papers. You wouldn’t report a shooting at a nearby gas station without mentioning how the gun was used.

2) Break it down for them. Highlight all of the main points of your email, and put it at the top of your message. Not only will doing this save your readers time, it’ll also prepare them for the following topics and act as a kind of table of contents.

1) Be bombastic with your topics. It’s okay to get a little wordy here and there when describing something of particular significance that may need added attention. If you’ve uncovered some superstitions or pointing out the ineffective, unconventional methods behind something considered traditional; put it in there. Just make sure it’s relevant.

I hope you enjoyed our article about email marketing design tips.  Check out our other articles!