Get Paid To Advertise On Your Blog Using Blogsvertise

Get Paid To Advertise On Your Blog Using Blogsvertise

You’ve created your blog and now you’re ready to start generating some revenue.  Get paid to advertise on your blog using Blogsvertise.  Blogsvertise is one of the most trusted and most reliable get-paid-to blog websites. It has been operating in the industry for the past couple of years and bloggers earn thousands of dollars from writing sponsored posts for them. Reviews are priced from $5 up to $40 depending on the requirements of the advertisers. If you are interested in submitting your blog for possible blogging gigs, you have to understand how you can earn money from the system.

Steps To Get Paid To Advertise On Your Blog Using Blogsvertise

Blog ApprovalGet Paid To Advertise Blog Approval

In order to get paid to advertise on your blog, you’ll first need to get your blog approved. Your blog must be at least two months old with a minimum of 20 posts to be accepted. Do not submit blogs that are not yet indexed or cached by Google because these will only receive rejection from the site admin.

Post Approval

Once your blog has been approved, you will receive tasks via email. You have to finish the task within 5 days otherwise, it will expire and will be re-assigned to another blogger. Make sure your post is composed of more than 200 words, containing 3  links to the advertiser’s website, and must have 3 or more paragraphs.


By accepting the blog sponsorship, you agree that

  1. the post will never be deleted from your site
  2. the links are permanent and do-follow
  3. the content is original
  4. you did not copy anything from the advertisers’ web page
  5. there should be no-follow tags within the body.

Violation of any of the terms means suspension from Blogsvertise.

Get Paid To AdvertiseAffiliate Program

A blogger can earn passive income from this website by referring new advertisers to the system. If the advertiser spent $1000 on sponsorship, the blogger who referred him will receive 20% of revenues which is $200. This is an easy way to earn extra cash. You just have to insert banners and text link ads in your blog’s sidebar and wait for people to sign up using your affiliate link.  (Related Article: How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Websites)

“Get paid to advertise by using affiliate programs and affiliate marketing websites”

Payment System

All payments are sent via PayPal 30 days after the post has been approved by the admin. To illustrate, if your post was approved on October 26, expect your money to reflect in your PayPal account on November 26. Remember that  holidays are not included as business days. So expect a little delay during holidays.

Benefits for Bloggers and Advertisers

Bloggers should take advantage of their blog’s Domain Authority and Alexa Rank to make money online. The good thing about Blogsvertiser is that it allows bloggers to accept or decline a task. A blogger can decide which tasks are related to his niche and which are completely irrelevant. On the other hand, advertisers gain exposure for their products and services for a cheap price. They can expect a positive review about their product which will encourage customers to buy it.

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