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Earn Money Video (How To Guide)

Are you an independent movie producer? Or an amateur film maker? Or maybe you are a college student who wants to augment your income? It doesn’t really matter what kind of person you are. What’s important is that you want to do something to increase your regular earnings. With earn money video (s) anybody can earn substantial amounts of cash by simply making highly entertaining videos.

It’s so easy, just follow these simple steps – earn money video (s):

  1. First off, create a video that will capture the interest of internet users. It can be anything that involves pets, personalities, events, music, or places. Make sure the quality is high because live streaming may lessen the clarity of the images.
  2. Add some special effects such as sounds and special lighting to make it more interesting and amazing. Viewers are easily captured by videos that teach them new things like guitar tutorials, dancing lessons, etc. In other words, if you want to generate traffic to your channel, your content must be useful, educational and entertaining.
  3. Video editing is a crucial part of the process. As much as possible, try to make it short and direct to the point. For instance, if the purpose of the content is to make viewers laugh, consider to edit and delete the unnecessary parts that will only bore your audience.

Here are some of the websites that pay you for sharing your videos:

  1. YouTube. To monetize your channel, you need to create a Google Adsense account. But before that, you should receive an invitation from YouTube for potential partnership. This will only happen if one of your videos is generating thousands of daily hits.
  2. Revver. This site allows contributors to distribute videos and earn cash at the same time. If you are the original source of the video, you will get 50% of the revenues. On the other hand, if it belongs to another person or company, you will receive 20% of the total amount of earnings from that particular video.
  3. MetaCafe. Once your video has reached a total of 20,000 views, they will pay you $5 for every additional 1,000 views. This means that for you to be able to earn $100 from your creation, you will need a total of 40,000 unique hits.

In general, signing up with these websites is free of charge. So, what you really need to kick start this online gig is an amazing video that will be loved by millions of internet viewers. If you have what it takes to make a living by sharing videos then don’t waste this opportunity. Some people are smart enough to earn thousands of dollars every month by engaging in this type of activity.

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