A Post A Day Keeps Blog Website Engagement Away

How Often Should I Post? – A question being asked by many bloggers and the answer being given by many as well. Between these discussions, I saw a couple of threads saying “I post daily yet I don’t get much blog website engagement” and I hence thought to go deep into that statement. I looked at the possible facts that take place when you post daily, and the following is what I observed myself. Make sure you follow the tips to get more engagement because apart from getting instant website traffic, engagement is one thing that needs to be considered. *NOTE – This is not regarding traffic but blog website engagement.

The Latest MIGHT HAVE Been The Best

Though there are a lot of themes which show about 3-5 latest posts above the fold (the visible part of a site when a visitor lands on it), most bloggers use a ‘Blog Style’ theme which shows about 2 latest posts above the fold on average. Now the reason that your posts don’t get much traffic when you post daily is that you post daily! Confused? Don’t be. Here’s a simple explanation to that – When you definitely know that only 2 of your latest posts are visible above the fold, then why would you introduce your site visitors with a new title when they haven’t yet seen the old ones yet? This completely doesn’t make sense to me. Hence, many of your posts might have been the best, but unfortunately they didn’t.

Overfeeding The Feed Subscribers – And You Expect Blog Website Engagement?

Blog Website Engagement Overload

I don’t think this needs more explanation, does it? Even I have a personal experience with the same. I have a habit of checking my mails in the morning as the first thing. I don’t brush, I don’t do anything before checking my mails (on mobile, tablet or laptop). One evening, I had subscribed to the feeds of 2 blogs. And what I saw that every fine day there’s a mail landing in my inbox, and the only thing the mail contains is an article titled “New Section On Facebook” or “Google Plus Review (even though it’s been months since Google+ was out). This continued for days which led me to unsubscribe from the feeds. I was so very overfed by those unnecessary articles (I read them, hence saying that they were pointless).

Being a Share-Gun (Like a Machine Gun) – You’re Losing Blog website Engagement!

Blog Website Engagement

Now those are completely my words and there are copy-rights! On the serious part, a blogger HAS to promote the posts on his blog to every social media network he could (this is a built-in habit of a blogger). So when you post daily, it’s obvious that you have to promote daily. And if I’m your friend/subscriber on Facebook and see you posting ONLY about your posts, then I would not think much before pressing the ‘unfriend’ button. So is the case with anyone. On social media, you’re expected to share knowledge along with your posts. You have to be in the discussions.

What About Traffic?

As I mentioned earlier that I was only concerned about blog website engagement here and not traffic. But if the question arises, there’s a simple answer to it as well.

Traffic, when posting daily, will be positive and will increase gradually provided that you have a good network on social media and a good number of feed subscribers as well. But I would quote something here –

Traffic has a very less meaning to itself without blog website engagement.

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