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How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Websites

How To Make Money With Email Marketing Promoting Affiliate Products

How can I make money with affiliate marketing websites?  A lot of bloggers/site owners often neglect the advantages of email marketing and hence never believe that they could actually make money with email marketing. The belief that email marketing is not worth investing in is just similar like judging a new restaurant’s taste without giving it a shot – i.e. false belief. Currently, I do see many bloggers using different services and trying to make money with email marketing, but there are often some factors that bloggers overlook which are later realized to be some big mistakes.

This article, being Part 1, focuses only on how to make money with email marketing promoting affiliate products. The further sequences will be covering further sub-topics.

Needless To Say …

Affiliate Marketing Websites Make Money With Email Marketing… that you surely need to have as many subscribers on your email list as possible. In this article, I would like to focus on making money with email marketing promoting affiliate products, hence I would not talk much about building your subscribers’ list as there are hundreds of articles around the globe for the same. I would just quote something here – “Email Marketing Is like a blog and the subscribers are like the traffic – the more you have, the better you’ll perform”.

Better Ways To Promote Products via Email

Once you’ve got your list stuffed up with a good number of email subscribers (hopefully millions), you’re then required to practice the something that your subscribers will love – Originality (if I’m to say in one word). But I would love to write in detail, hence following is something that you need to practice in order to let your subscribers be your subscribers i.e. not end up having them unsubscribed. By the way, I personally use and recommend Aweber Email Marketing System.

Try Before You Endorse

First of all, I apologize that even I’ve made the mistake of promoting products which I haven’t tried myself.  After I started doing research on affiliate marketing websites, I quickly learned from my mistake(s), and made some changes. Hence, having a personal experience, I would suggest you to try each and every product that you’re promoting as an affiliate marketer. Not doing the same might lead to situations where you wouldn’t be able to answer questions/queries that your readers might have.  Some affiliate marketing websites endorse everything, which can lead to a loss of readers and potential negative articles being written about your blog.

Write To Prove It

Prove what? Prove that you know what you’re promoting. Readers love reading reviews and you should How To Make Money With Email Marketing Promoting Affiliate Productsprovide what they need (of course, right?). Writing reviews on your blog or a quick review as an email to your subscribers works like a charm. Your readers will have a great chance to see whether the product you’re promoting is working for you or not. Saying without any statistics, reviews could just increase your conversion rates by 200%.

A small tip – Always write an honest review. Give it 5/4/3/2/1 (whatever) rating it deserves.

“I Hate These Links Man”

Links? If you’re a spammer, you surely know what I’m talking about. Imagine an email stuffed with 7 links in the first paragraph itself,
with the same keyword linked – It would reach the highest peak of annoyance. In order to get more clicks on your affiliate links, try to add custom graphical banners saying “Read More” or “Learn More About This Product” or “Check Out My Personal Review”. These attract the readers and increase their interest in that product.

Affiliate Marketing Websites – Do You Make Money With Email Marketing?

It’s your turn now. Do you practice the above mentioned techniques when you’re promoting affiliate products? Or do you just go the opposite way? Please don’t mention about other practices other than promoting affiliate products here, as more will be coming soon. I wish you all the best with your practices and endeavors to make money with email marketing promoting millions of affiliate products.  Check out our article on How to promote your blog.

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